Real stories from real people. Coach Onelio has helped a variety of people during their fitness journey (and you can be next)! With his customized personal training sessions in Tampa, Fl, customized meal plans, and all the motivation you need, S.T.O.M.P Fitness is here for you. With a little help and guidance, you can reach your fitness goals.

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Michelle came to Coach Onelio wanting to learn how to use fitness equipment, eat healthier, and how to stay motivated. Michelle has exceeded her goals and continues to embark on a healthy lifestyle.

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Sebastian came to Coach Onelio as a fitness beginner. He wanted to embark on a fitness journey but didn't know where to start. He was motivated to change his physique and add more muscle mass to his frame. Coach Onelio was able to equip Sebastian with the proper tools and knowledge to transform his body. Today, Sebastian is a fitness expert and has also started helping others on their fitness journeys.

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Edeza came to Coach Onelio to improve her fitness before joining the marines. She was unable to do pullups and needed to do so to start her military career. Edeza's strength grew and she joined the marines. After her enlistment, she came back to S.T.O.M.P fitness to pursue another compete in a bodybuilding competition. Today, Edeza is preparing for her second show and continues to improve her physique on a daily basis.

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