We Specialize In the Follow Fitness Goals:

A couple with a full body transformation

Full Body Transformation

Is your goal to improve your quality of life and transform your body? From losing weight, Achieving optimal fat loss, and improving your cardiovascular health, we are here for you.

Strength and conditioning dumbbell workout

Strength & Conditioning

Is your goal to increase your strength and performance? From hitting your pull up goal to improving your specific sport performance, we've got you covered.

Core strength training to improve abs

Core Strength

Is your goal to improve your core? A strong core is important for everyday function and will provide good posture, stability, and a healthier posterior chain. We are here to coach you along on this journey.

Contest prep for bodybuilding

Contest Prep

Is your goal to participate in a contest? From competitive bodybuilding to fitness challenges and weight loss contests, we will guide you every step of the way to success. No challenge is too big or small.

A personal trainer customizes workouts to fit your fitness goals.

Qualifications and Education

Coach Onelio's qualifications include:

  • NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist
  • Advanced Training Specialist (ATS) from Pinnacle Training and Consulting

Coach Onelio has been transforming lives with personal training and nutritional guidance since 2010. As a certified personal trainer in Tampa, Florida, he has experience with a variety of fitness levels and goals from weight loss to strength training and diet transformations.

Our Philosophy on Fitness and Life

I believe you should push yourself in every aspect of your life. By learning proper execution of both your exercises and nutrition, nothing will stop you from your fitness goals.

Reach your fitness goals with proper nutrition and a customized training program.

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